Company Overview


Rimba Ananta Vikasa Indonesia is a company that stands with a field
that focuses on technology, especially in software, networking and
hardware to help each system to be integrated into one another that
supports everything. With this, we hope that it can be a solution for all
existing companies, and are happy to be able to help all existing activities become more effective, efficient and systemized.

This company profile was created as a basis for initial introduction and
brief information about our company. Even though the age of our
company is still young, we put high enthusiasm and fighting power so
that we can continue to be responsible for giving our best efforts.
It is a great honor for us to receive all forms of trust to be able to cooperate with you in the future.


  • Be the main place for every company to consult about problems
    and obstacles that exist and find a way out through ideas and
    solutions that will be implemented in an up to date, economical,
    effective and efficient system.
  • Creating an integrated ecosystem as a place to live, grow big and
    have strong roots with a company system that is up to date,
    effective and efficient