Our Development Process

From ideation to realization to support, we partner with you throughout the entire process to provide the most informative and productive experience possible.

1. Analysis & Co Creation

we will collect data and will create a concept to meet your needs.

2. Mockup & Wireframing

we will make a prototype of our system with a concept that we have designed so that you can see the UI / UX of the system that we will make

3. Development

After the UI / UX has been viewed and approved by you, we will start developing our system on our dummy server.

4. UAT Phase

Agile product development with teams structured specifically around the needs of your project. Adapting to shifting product needs, evolving markets, and internal project factors as needed. Test builds with test app delivered at the end of each sprint.

5. Deployment

Once it is correct we will move our system from our dummy server to your live server

6. Maintenance

After we move to your live server we will double check whether there are bugs or not

7. Finish

if you have finished all system settings and test servers, we will create a website firewall to guard against ddos ​​attacks, and the system is ready for you to use